About ExoticVM

ExoticVM is actually inspired from ExoticVPS.com (by Mr.X) which has been down from few months and was not up-to-date. So this website was created just to list all hosts offering VPS in exotic locations. It is currently in BETA and we have a lot of stuff planned in.

The previous site & data was lost due to a catastrophe on our server (hint: lazy sysadmin) and now we are re-writing everything. Stay tuned for updates.

For updates, follow us on Twitter @ExoticVM

What's so special about these Exotic locations?

The locations listed on our website are exotic in the sense, services in such locations aren't available easily. Hence one has to search on various forums or on a search engine to find a provider who offers VPS/VM/Cloud servers in these exotic locations.

Ok, then which locations are non-exotic locations?

As per our findings, we consider US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands & Singapore to be non-exotic as there are numerous providers for these locations. Please do note that this is our personal opinion and may not be applicable to all.